Netizenship Pledge

The Netizenship Pledge

1. Netizens understand that rights are always balanced with responsibilities.

2. Netizens have the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others, in person and online.

3. Netizens will think before we click.

4. Netizens understand that just because we can, doesn’t mean that we should.

5. Netizens will ask for, or receive permission before using the creative work of others and will give credit for and cite this work appropriately when we use it.

6. Netizens will exercise patience and realize that others may not have the same access to and use of the same Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and connectivity as they do.

7. Netizens understand that virtual actions have real consequences for ourselves and for others.

8. Netizens understand that what I/we say and do online can’t be taken back.

9. Netizens promise to use ICTs for the betterment of our world.

10. Netizens promise to use this Netizenship Pledge to guide our actions in person and online.

Source: -created by Bill Belsey

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